Within These Walls is a musical expression of the experience of looking within to find peace during a time of isolation and global panic. Being separated from the outside world caused a necessity to look inward to find an emotional and spiritual connection in the midst of so much global suffering. During a time in our lives when love and respect between people is of the utmost importance, human beings all over the world are  simultaneously going through many sociopolitical, economic, health and climate changes, which have resulted in fear, anger, hatred, xenophobia, etc. In the lyrics of the song I repeatedly mention “the other”, first as being something different from ourselves, and as the song progresses it becomes clear that we ourselves are also “the other” in the eyes of someone else. We have all struggled and suffered, but with an openness to one another we’ll grow stronger as a human race.
Liner notes  by “Thana Alexa”

ERNESTO CORTAZAR LARA live in Concert, eine eigene Komposition zu einer Videoanimation.

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